Thursday, March 31, 2011


HBS is stand for happy birthday sabrina.
yeah, today.. i'm twenty years old. i know that i'm not Teenager anymore,
but at least i'm still younger for some people.

well, big thanks for those who text me to wish my birthday.
i appreciate it and i feel grateful as well.
for those who remember my birthday without robot's help,
special thanks to you and you're such great one!
there is no celebrations on my birthday because i have celebrated my birthday twice.

frankly, i don't want to complain, nagging or whatsoever on my birthday,
i just want to admit that I'm not so excited for this 20th birthday. it's not about I'm getting older.
it's not about no celebrations on my birthday. furthermore, i don't mind at all.
it's just... i have bad feeling since yesterday. i feel like so sorrow, sad, i feel like i missing someone,
but i just can't help it. it comes all of sudden.

why it must happen to me, today?

I'm trying to match all of the answers that across in my mind with this mysterious question.
but none of them can satisfy me. i don't have any idea why my birthday have turned to this way. 
how i wish i could be so cheerful, happy, and a radiant smiles across on my face every single moment on my birthday.

i feel bored. I'm in the office and i do nothing because suren forgot to list the tasks.
plus, the absence of these two girls in the office make me feel so lonely.
today, somebody wish me. someone that i never expect that he still remember me.
oh yeah, glad to know that he still remember me. thanks for him. i thought we were over. i thought our friendship have faded away.
but today i was wrong. i thought i just died in his memory.
however, i just put the " old me " behind.
i won't treat you like before.

for Mr. X, thanks for calling me yesterday. i miss our endless chat.
thanks for wishing me as well.

all in all, i should appreciate myself by wishing..

wishing tomorrow will be much better than today.
sabrina , happy birthday. although, you look " dull " on your birthday,
let it be. oh yeah. i still feel grateful on my birthday because i still alive.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

along the way.

assalammualaikum and hi.

today i just realize it's like so many years since my last post.
okay, I've some reasons why it happened.

first, it's because of tiredness.
fyi, i already resign my job as a kindergarten teacher.
yes, honestly, i'm quite sad to leave my kids without saying anything.
yet, i think all of my advices is enough for them and i hope,
they will be a successful person later on.

i have been thinking to be a kindergarten teacher back,
but not now. maybe few months more.
I'm not decide yet.

well, now i'm working in Mont Kiara, Damansara.
it is a lawyer firm. Thomas Philips. 
i'm working there just for temporary.
in fact, i do really want to improve my English.

since my English isn't so good,
i decide to go there, get a new experience, 
meet new people instead of learning English
informal way.

i have been there since last week.
at first, i found it was quite tough to adapt with new situation,
new friends, new place and i feel inferior.

Peter is the first person that met for my first day.
well, i found it was quite tough to understand his slang.
but he's very friendly. nice to meet him.

then, i went to the main office,
i have met so many new people there and they are nice.

for the first task,
i was assisting suren on the 2011 Adelaide University reunion.
i had to call the alumni and informed them about the reunion.
so, i spent 2 days, i guess, to call them.
although it just sat in the office,
settled down the work,
i felt so tired like hell !

actually, the reunion will be held on 19th Of March,
and i think we are quite late to send the invitation out.
so, i just help suren and Mr. Mathew for the reunion as i could.

so far, most of the stuff are nice and friendly
but they are too busy. Kak Mila is so nice and friendly.
she able to chase my inferior out when i talk to her.
i feel comfortable, then.
i hope i could be a good one for everyone.
i wish i could learn something many things and 
get new experiences as i'm working there.

oh yeah, one more thing.
i just got my STPM results and thank God.
even though it's not an excellent one, 
but i do really feel thankful for it.

thanks to all of them that gave me some present,
special thanks for those who loving me as the way i am.
i do appreciate. well, i hope i'm not TOO satisfied.

here, big thanks to my parents, teachers and friends that helped me a lot.
thanks for being the reason of this happiness.
i don't even have any idea to return their kindness.

May God bless you always, guys. love you all.
so now, i'm waiting for University's offer.
i hope i could continue my studies in University,
struggle for the best results,
make my parents happy and proud of me,
and try to be a successful person.

i wish my 2011 resolution that i have mentioned my first post in 2011,
will become true. so, people out, please pray for me ya!
because i don't have to be a billionaire but .....
i just need blessed from Allah swt and billion people.
that's enough make me feel good , better and best !

Thursday, January 27, 2011

love you, teacher !

since i'm being a kindergarten teacher,
i realize something that i never think of it. thank God for helping to realize
" why we should respect our teachers. "

at this moment, i feel like i really want to apologize to all my teachers
including my kindergarten teachers. even though i can't remember their names,
but their face, the way they are smiling still remain in my memory.

being a teacher is not easy and it's tiring. 
but teacher always there for her students to gain knowledge.
they will teach you till you clearly understand and they try so hard to help
you. Although, you are kind of  slow-learner, they put it aside, sit next to you,
and help you no matter who you are.

teachers also just like our friends who always there for you,
being such a good listener, motivate you, 
and they are love you just the way you are. 
sometimes, you are being so annoying and childish,
but then they just take a deep breath and naturalize their emotion.
they are so patient in order to see you stand up at the glistening top.

how many students do really appreciate somebody that known as a teacher?
yeah, i know . we do celebrate " teacher's day " every year.
what's the motive? oh yeah! to appreciate our teachers just for a day ?
is that so ? 

it's so disappointed to see so many students being rude towards their teachers.
sometimes, the words that come out from a student who doesn't 
appreciate her / his teacher become such a sword that hurt teacher's feelings.
do you realize it ?

yet, they still there for you, ignoring your ego, pretend like nothing happened,
and they are still helping you to be such a great person.
then, when you got a flying colours result, 
you start to forget who helps you till you succeed,
and you move on . 

as your teacher know that you already reach at the glistening top,
your teacher got nothing but proud. yes! proud of you and thank God for the happiness.

well, i miss my teachers. 
you know what, 
every time i give homework to my students,
and they just ignore it, i feel so disappointed.
yeah, now i understand how disappointed my teachers when i used to be so lazy
and intentionally put my homework aside.

every time i talk to my students and they just like assume that i'm not exist in front of them,
i realize how sad my teachers when i used to do the same thing.

every time i look at my students while they are talking to me,
show that they start to understand what i have taught,
i realize how happy my teacher when i just even understand what they have taught.

i can't describe more about the feelings,
but i believe you are big enough to understand it.
i'm learning by teaching and experience being a teacher totally wonderful.
it have taught me on how to be matured and appreciate people who teach me 
even just a word.

just know every single teacher wants us to have brightest future,
they don't ask you even a 10 cent if you already succeed 
and they will not be somebody who opens the old wound.
get it what i meant ?

well, i have to admit that i'm gonna miss my kids when i resign someday.
all the kisses and hugs from them will remain in my mind.
whenever i look at them, i wish they will be successful muslims someday.
amani, fatin, balqis, afiq, fatimah and syahmi,
i love all of you. be good prince and princess, okay.

 " cikgu, abang nak bawak kapal terbang " my little hero will be a pilot someday .
my good clever girls.
love you !

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wonder who he is.

okay, first of all..
syukranlillah ya Allah for giving me the happiness.
i have been trying to sooth myself, forget about the results and stop worry about future.
but it's helpless when the ' diseases ' attacks me AGAIN.
i start to feel like hopeless, being such a loser and of course it makes me switch to be moody.

sometimes, people keep saying " hey, you've to be positive. think positive ! "
i have tried anyway. yet, i still wonder what kind of results will be out.
i just can't throw it away from my mind. God always there for me.
so now, i realize what should i do at the moment.
guys, do pray for me yeah :)

i got something to share with you.
just click , HERE . the blog that cheers me up when i'm upset and extremely worry with my results.
i just wonder who he is and trying to find the link which can help me to reach him. none.
seriously, i respect his opinion and i wish i could meet more people like him.
he's knowledgeable, smart , matured and funny as well.
enjoy yeah !


Friday, January 14, 2011

he's my hero.

oh my God , he's my hero !
thanks baby for the rescue. 

today i'm totally happy and i won't forget about what happened today.
aiman a.k.a aiman eemok became such a super hero.
big applause from us to him and that's make him so proud of what he has done.
lol. that's  so funny,  baby.

"   please don't try this at home, okay ? "

while i'm teaching the kids who started to be like so stubborn,
one of the innocent cat came to our hall, maybe it needed something to eat.
but then, most of the kids looked at it and scared !

now i know their weakness and i hope i could use it as my weapon to chase out their laziness.
one of the kids started to cry, then i asked most of them sat on the table.
i said..

me : sape tak nak dengar cakap cikgu, nanti..

all of sudden the cat was yawned, then the scary teeth emerged in our sight.

me : ha !  nampak tak gigi die? sape tak bace ( abc ) kuat2, cikgu suh die gigit.

after that, they started to read loudly. few minutes later,
aiman came to us, then i said.

me : aiman, settlekan man.. ( just point to the cat )

then he went to that cat, took the cat , and threw it away.
seriously, he acted like a wrestler. lol. 
few second later, the cat wanted to come near to us and it made kids became terrific.

i said to the kids 
me : hey, ape la.. budak kecik lagi berani . die adik tau.

then i called aiman and he brought the cat out with one hand. yeah. i can see the cat suffered.
pity on it. but, what can i do ? lol. most of the kids became the witness of his ' power '.
i just laughed and i asked the kids gave him big applause.
well, aiman started felt like so macho. hahaha.

aiman just like super duper cute, okay. he's so soft spoken.
someday, i'm gonna have my own kids, i hope my kids will be brave, soft spoken,
brilliant and smart like him. amiin.
or maybe i will name my eldest son , aiman ? lol.
well, it depends on the future abi hahaha.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

cikdu sabrina

well, look at the, that's not a typing error ,okay ?
one of the kids called me that way. lol. what a lovely name.
just realize this is the first post in 2011,
apologize for this delay post due to the laziness.

okay, let's talk about the kids.
kids very nice and innocent. their character , voice, and thoughts have taught me
on how to be a good mother when i'm grow older. i'm happy being around them.
some of them quite passive, some of them totally out spoken, some of them quite hyperactive,
and clearly, most of them tremendously smart and brilliant.

on 3. 01. 2011, i'm being so called " teacher " to somebody.
frankly, being a teacher needs the sacrifices, patient, creative and loving.
sometimes, they tend to be so ego, sometimes they tend to be so hyperactive,
and they are my teacher. yes. teacher who teaches me how to be patient,
how to be more cheerful, how to act the moment we are in trouble or face the obstacle.

i love them. okay, enough. let's take a look at the photos below.

she's so talkative and smart. oh yeah, introduce.. she's the one who keeps calling me
" cikdu sablina " sounds like that. every morning she will say that
as she realizes me walk to our kindergarten.

he's known as syahmi but sometimes i called him " abang ".
this is because he often called himself abang.
well, i love to hold his hands, palm. why? guess what !
because his palm just like a baby's skin.

nur darwisya balqis.
she's my little angel.

Friday, December 31, 2010

thanks 2010

2010 is almost over and big thanks to 2010 for coming in my life.
syukranlillah ya ilahi for the happiness that You have gave me in 2010.
there are so many memories in 2010 which i just can't describe and speechless.
but, 2010 will leave me with a zillion memories.

today will be the last Friday in 2010.
i thank God the experience that taught me on how to be a matured, 
strong especially mentally and emotionally.

i hope presence of 2011 will be an awesome year in my life,
i wish i will get a flying colours results, go to university and get ready
to experience university life. and yeah. i hope i could be more matured.

in 2010, i have met new people. well you know, from stranger, become acquaintance,
and finally become my closest one or just friends. here i just want to say,
insyaAllah we will be friends till the end and just let the moment sweep us away.

all the sweet memories and the bitter have helped me to learn something
about L. I. F. E and i hope i could be more matured in the future.

so, how about your resolution?
well, my resolution for 2011, i just want to be good at cook and doing chores work.
i want to be an independent girl, strong inside and outside.
i want to go to university. experience and enjoy every nanosecond of university life.
go girl ! lol. 

yeah, of course i want to be good, nice, and pretty.
i just put effort and leave it to Allah.
 i wish my STPM and MUET results will be a flying colours results, amiin.
all in all, i wish 2011 will be the best year of my life.

well, lately i felt something is wrong whenever i met some of my friends,
it's feel like tremendously awkward. 
i meant the spirit of sisterhood is like slowly fade out, yeah of course i feel sad,
but i just hope it won't be continuously fade out. 

anyway, no matter where they are,
no matter who they are, i just hope that they're just fine and happy.
maybe i'm not such great friend for them? yeah. i , myself don't even know the reason why.

special thanks to fatin farhana who spends her time for chatting with me lately.
i do appreciate it and i hope we both could hang out with kak ein like we had few days ago.

no matter what happens,
i just wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR !
i hope 2011 will be a successful and blessed year to each and everyone of you.
may we upgrade our faith and good deeds only for the God sake.