Friday, January 14, 2011

he's my hero.

oh my God , he's my hero !
thanks baby for the rescue. 

today i'm totally happy and i won't forget about what happened today.
aiman a.k.a aiman eemok became such a super hero.
big applause from us to him and that's make him so proud of what he has done.
lol. that's  so funny,  baby.

"   please don't try this at home, okay ? "

while i'm teaching the kids who started to be like so stubborn,
one of the innocent cat came to our hall, maybe it needed something to eat.
but then, most of the kids looked at it and scared !

now i know their weakness and i hope i could use it as my weapon to chase out their laziness.
one of the kids started to cry, then i asked most of them sat on the table.
i said..

me : sape tak nak dengar cakap cikgu, nanti..

all of sudden the cat was yawned, then the scary teeth emerged in our sight.

me : ha !  nampak tak gigi die? sape tak bace ( abc ) kuat2, cikgu suh die gigit.

after that, they started to read loudly. few minutes later,
aiman came to us, then i said.

me : aiman, settlekan man.. ( just point to the cat )

then he went to that cat, took the cat , and threw it away.
seriously, he acted like a wrestler. lol. 
few second later, the cat wanted to come near to us and it made kids became terrific.

i said to the kids 
me : hey, ape la.. budak kecik lagi berani . die adik tau.

then i called aiman and he brought the cat out with one hand. yeah. i can see the cat suffered.
pity on it. but, what can i do ? lol. most of the kids became the witness of his ' power '.
i just laughed and i asked the kids gave him big applause.
well, aiman started felt like so macho. hahaha.

aiman just like super duper cute, okay. he's so soft spoken.
someday, i'm gonna have my own kids, i hope my kids will be brave, soft spoken,
brilliant and smart like him. amiin.
or maybe i will name my eldest son , aiman ? lol.
well, it depends on the future abi hahaha.

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