Thursday, January 13, 2011

cikdu sabrina

well, look at the, that's not a typing error ,okay ?
one of the kids called me that way. lol. what a lovely name.
just realize this is the first post in 2011,
apologize for this delay post due to the laziness.

okay, let's talk about the kids.
kids very nice and innocent. their character , voice, and thoughts have taught me
on how to be a good mother when i'm grow older. i'm happy being around them.
some of them quite passive, some of them totally out spoken, some of them quite hyperactive,
and clearly, most of them tremendously smart and brilliant.

on 3. 01. 2011, i'm being so called " teacher " to somebody.
frankly, being a teacher needs the sacrifices, patient, creative and loving.
sometimes, they tend to be so ego, sometimes they tend to be so hyperactive,
and they are my teacher. yes. teacher who teaches me how to be patient,
how to be more cheerful, how to act the moment we are in trouble or face the obstacle.

i love them. okay, enough. let's take a look at the photos below.

she's so talkative and smart. oh yeah, introduce.. she's the one who keeps calling me
" cikdu sablina " sounds like that. every morning she will say that
as she realizes me walk to our kindergarten.

he's known as syahmi but sometimes i called him " abang ".
this is because he often called himself abang.
well, i love to hold his hands, palm. why? guess what !
because his palm just like a baby's skin.

nur darwisya balqis.
she's my little angel.

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  1. sweet lor.. n kawaii to0..rite sensei?? hehe^_^