Friday, December 31, 2010

thanks 2010

2010 is almost over and big thanks to 2010 for coming in my life.
syukranlillah ya ilahi for the happiness that You have gave me in 2010.
there are so many memories in 2010 which i just can't describe and speechless.
but, 2010 will leave me with a zillion memories.

today will be the last Friday in 2010.
i thank God the experience that taught me on how to be a matured, 
strong especially mentally and emotionally.

i hope presence of 2011 will be an awesome year in my life,
i wish i will get a flying colours results, go to university and get ready
to experience university life. and yeah. i hope i could be more matured.

in 2010, i have met new people. well you know, from stranger, become acquaintance,
and finally become my closest one or just friends. here i just want to say,
insyaAllah we will be friends till the end and just let the moment sweep us away.

all the sweet memories and the bitter have helped me to learn something
about L. I. F. E and i hope i could be more matured in the future.

so, how about your resolution?
well, my resolution for 2011, i just want to be good at cook and doing chores work.
i want to be an independent girl, strong inside and outside.
i want to go to university. experience and enjoy every nanosecond of university life.
go girl ! lol. 

yeah, of course i want to be good, nice, and pretty.
i just put effort and leave it to Allah.
 i wish my STPM and MUET results will be a flying colours results, amiin.
all in all, i wish 2011 will be the best year of my life.

well, lately i felt something is wrong whenever i met some of my friends,
it's feel like tremendously awkward. 
i meant the spirit of sisterhood is like slowly fade out, yeah of course i feel sad,
but i just hope it won't be continuously fade out. 

anyway, no matter where they are,
no matter who they are, i just hope that they're just fine and happy.
maybe i'm not such great friend for them? yeah. i , myself don't even know the reason why.

special thanks to fatin farhana who spends her time for chatting with me lately.
i do appreciate it and i hope we both could hang out with kak ein like we had few days ago.

no matter what happens,
i just wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR !
i hope 2011 will be a successful and blessed year to each and everyone of you.
may we upgrade our faith and good deeds only for the God sake.

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