Wednesday, January 19, 2011

wonder who he is.

okay, first of all..
syukranlillah ya Allah for giving me the happiness.
i have been trying to sooth myself, forget about the results and stop worry about future.
but it's helpless when the ' diseases ' attacks me AGAIN.
i start to feel like hopeless, being such a loser and of course it makes me switch to be moody.

sometimes, people keep saying " hey, you've to be positive. think positive ! "
i have tried anyway. yet, i still wonder what kind of results will be out.
i just can't throw it away from my mind. God always there for me.
so now, i realize what should i do at the moment.
guys, do pray for me yeah :)

i got something to share with you.
just click , HERE . the blog that cheers me up when i'm upset and extremely worry with my results.
i just wonder who he is and trying to find the link which can help me to reach him. none.
seriously, i respect his opinion and i wish i could meet more people like him.
he's knowledgeable, smart , matured and funny as well.
enjoy yeah !


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