Thursday, January 27, 2011

love you, teacher !

since i'm being a kindergarten teacher,
i realize something that i never think of it. thank God for helping to realize
" why we should respect our teachers. "

at this moment, i feel like i really want to apologize to all my teachers
including my kindergarten teachers. even though i can't remember their names,
but their face, the way they are smiling still remain in my memory.

being a teacher is not easy and it's tiring. 
but teacher always there for her students to gain knowledge.
they will teach you till you clearly understand and they try so hard to help
you. Although, you are kind of  slow-learner, they put it aside, sit next to you,
and help you no matter who you are.

teachers also just like our friends who always there for you,
being such a good listener, motivate you, 
and they are love you just the way you are. 
sometimes, you are being so annoying and childish,
but then they just take a deep breath and naturalize their emotion.
they are so patient in order to see you stand up at the glistening top.

how many students do really appreciate somebody that known as a teacher?
yeah, i know . we do celebrate " teacher's day " every year.
what's the motive? oh yeah! to appreciate our teachers just for a day ?
is that so ? 

it's so disappointed to see so many students being rude towards their teachers.
sometimes, the words that come out from a student who doesn't 
appreciate her / his teacher become such a sword that hurt teacher's feelings.
do you realize it ?

yet, they still there for you, ignoring your ego, pretend like nothing happened,
and they are still helping you to be such a great person.
then, when you got a flying colours result, 
you start to forget who helps you till you succeed,
and you move on . 

as your teacher know that you already reach at the glistening top,
your teacher got nothing but proud. yes! proud of you and thank God for the happiness.

well, i miss my teachers. 
you know what, 
every time i give homework to my students,
and they just ignore it, i feel so disappointed.
yeah, now i understand how disappointed my teachers when i used to be so lazy
and intentionally put my homework aside.

every time i talk to my students and they just like assume that i'm not exist in front of them,
i realize how sad my teachers when i used to do the same thing.

every time i look at my students while they are talking to me,
show that they start to understand what i have taught,
i realize how happy my teacher when i just even understand what they have taught.

i can't describe more about the feelings,
but i believe you are big enough to understand it.
i'm learning by teaching and experience being a teacher totally wonderful.
it have taught me on how to be matured and appreciate people who teach me 
even just a word.

just know every single teacher wants us to have brightest future,
they don't ask you even a 10 cent if you already succeed 
and they will not be somebody who opens the old wound.
get it what i meant ?

well, i have to admit that i'm gonna miss my kids when i resign someday.
all the kisses and hugs from them will remain in my mind.
whenever i look at them, i wish they will be successful muslims someday.
amani, fatin, balqis, afiq, fatimah and syahmi,
i love all of you. be good prince and princess, okay.

 " cikgu, abang nak bawak kapal terbang " my little hero will be a pilot someday .
my good clever girls.
love you !

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