Tuesday, March 8, 2011

along the way.

assalammualaikum and hi.

today i just realize it's like so many years since my last post.
okay, I've some reasons why it happened.

first, it's because of tiredness.
fyi, i already resign my job as a kindergarten teacher.
yes, honestly, i'm quite sad to leave my kids without saying anything.
yet, i think all of my advices is enough for them and i hope,
they will be a successful person later on.

i have been thinking to be a kindergarten teacher back,
but not now. maybe few months more.
I'm not decide yet.

well, now i'm working in Mont Kiara, Damansara.
it is a lawyer firm. Thomas Philips. 
i'm working there just for temporary.
in fact, i do really want to improve my English.

since my English isn't so good,
i decide to go there, get a new experience, 
meet new people instead of learning English
informal way.

i have been there since last week.
at first, i found it was quite tough to adapt with new situation,
new friends, new place and i feel inferior.

Peter is the first person that met for my first day.
well, i found it was quite tough to understand his slang.
but he's very friendly. nice to meet him.

then, i went to the main office,
i have met so many new people there and they are nice.

for the first task,
i was assisting suren on the 2011 Adelaide University reunion.
i had to call the alumni and informed them about the reunion.
so, i spent 2 days, i guess, to call them.
although it just sat in the office,
settled down the work,
i felt so tired like hell !

actually, the reunion will be held on 19th Of March,
and i think we are quite late to send the invitation out.
so, i just help suren and Mr. Mathew for the reunion as i could.

so far, most of the stuff are nice and friendly
but they are too busy. Kak Mila is so nice and friendly.
she able to chase my inferior out when i talk to her.
i feel comfortable, then.
i hope i could be a good one for everyone.
i wish i could learn something many things and 
get new experiences as i'm working there.

oh yeah, one more thing.
i just got my STPM results and thank God.
even though it's not an excellent one, 
but i do really feel thankful for it.

thanks to all of them that gave me some present,
special thanks for those who loving me as the way i am.
i do appreciate. well, i hope i'm not TOO satisfied.

here, big thanks to my parents, teachers and friends that helped me a lot.
thanks for being the reason of this happiness.
i don't even have any idea to return their kindness.

May God bless you always, guys. love you all.
so now, i'm waiting for University's offer.
i hope i could continue my studies in University,
struggle for the best results,
make my parents happy and proud of me,
and try to be a successful person.

i wish my 2011 resolution that i have mentioned my first post in 2011,
will become true. so, people out, please pray for me ya!
because i don't have to be a billionaire but .....
i just need blessed from Allah swt and billion people.
that's enough make me feel good , better and best !

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  1. amin..Ganbatte ne!!^^
    act.. for me..
    work in the office quite bored and tired lor..
    (tired waiting for the job) haha..XD
    but its kinda fun rite..
    so.. enjoy ur life and omedatou!!^_^