Thursday, March 31, 2011


HBS is stand for happy birthday sabrina.
yeah, today.. i'm twenty years old. i know that i'm not Teenager anymore,
but at least i'm still younger for some people.

well, big thanks for those who text me to wish my birthday.
i appreciate it and i feel grateful as well.
for those who remember my birthday without robot's help,
special thanks to you and you're such great one!
there is no celebrations on my birthday because i have celebrated my birthday twice.

frankly, i don't want to complain, nagging or whatsoever on my birthday,
i just want to admit that I'm not so excited for this 20th birthday. it's not about I'm getting older.
it's not about no celebrations on my birthday. furthermore, i don't mind at all.
it's just... i have bad feeling since yesterday. i feel like so sorrow, sad, i feel like i missing someone,
but i just can't help it. it comes all of sudden.

why it must happen to me, today?

I'm trying to match all of the answers that across in my mind with this mysterious question.
but none of them can satisfy me. i don't have any idea why my birthday have turned to this way. 
how i wish i could be so cheerful, happy, and a radiant smiles across on my face every single moment on my birthday.

i feel bored. I'm in the office and i do nothing because suren forgot to list the tasks.
plus, the absence of these two girls in the office make me feel so lonely.
today, somebody wish me. someone that i never expect that he still remember me.
oh yeah, glad to know that he still remember me. thanks for him. i thought we were over. i thought our friendship have faded away.
but today i was wrong. i thought i just died in his memory.
however, i just put the " old me " behind.
i won't treat you like before.

for Mr. X, thanks for calling me yesterday. i miss our endless chat.
thanks for wishing me as well.

all in all, i should appreciate myself by wishing..

wishing tomorrow will be much better than today.
sabrina , happy birthday. although, you look " dull " on your birthday,
let it be. oh yeah. i still feel grateful on my birthday because i still alive.

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